To the other-side of mine

;I am death, you are life

;I am day, you are night

.My baby, we are twin


;I am old, you are young

;I am cold, you are warm

.My darling, A Speration, is our mind


;I am writing a poem, you are sitting on a coach

,I know books are behind all the joys

.and you know how to play Ipad, Android, and all the joys


,My baby, my darling

.The earth is as real as Internet, and even more


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علی قاهری

جوونم در اومد خب ترجمه اش هم میذاشتی دیگه


با همین زبان دست و پاشکسته ترجمه ش کردم... قشنگ بود و ساده[لبخند] تبریک